Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Our First Linky!

Hey all! We are so excited to announce our first and new linky party! Yes it is almost the end of Wednesday, but the day got away from us! Ffion was at a gifted/talented workshop and Morgan is getting ready to see Debbie Diller tomorrow! {Ffion is very jealous} So feel free to post whenever!!

Morgan and I had (and have) a problem with seeing something and buying it. We have constant wishlists of items and thought why not see what everyone else wants and keep contributing to the problem! HA!

Ffion's Wishlist:
My TPT wishlist item
I found this little gem from Miss Kindergarten while planning our new word work unit. We have put more letter study in there and these are just too cute.

My classroom wishlist item
I am wanting these stools so bad right now! I saw them from my friend Haley at The School Belle. I am still waiting to pull the trigger due to the shipping. :( Let's be real though, I will most likely buy them. oops. 

My "I want" wishlist item
I seriously have 239845710 items on my "I want" list, but this one tops them ALL.

Ahh, yes. The Mulberry Bayswater. It just sounds perfect. I have wanted this for 6 years now. Nearly bought it twice. Wish it wasn't one of my paychecks. :( Some day.  

Morgan's Wishlist:
My TPT wishlist item
I love these two items from Kim Adsit and Sara Cooley! I actually want ALL of Kim's units! The woman is amaze! And I love Sarah Cooley's writing prompts for the year! I want them all! They would be perfect for First Grade.

My classroom wishlist item:
I have been wanting  these book bins for my guided reading area for a few weeks now. I just haven't bit the bullet and bought them yet! But I am sure I will crack soon enough!

My "I want" wishlist item:
I have loved this Hermes bracelet for years! I have pinned it several times to my Pinterest Wishlist board. Loves it. It would sit nicely upon my arm right? And I would obviously take the watch too... I mean a girl can dream :)

 We can't wait to see what you all have on your wishlist! We can hear the bank accounts crying....


  1. Yay! Just linked up! Love those color coded book boxes, too!

    Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade

  2. I hate when a linky party is created, and you don't get the joiners you really hoped for! I wish I had seen this! I would have linked up! COme on over to my blog and join up for my linky party this week! I would love to have you participate!