Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All About the Teachers!

We know it has been a LONG time since anything was posted here, and we are so excited about this blog, BUT our lives have been crazy!! We both just started new teaching positions at new schools. Needless to say, we have been all over the place and now finally are ready to start this new blog together!
We thought we would start with a little introduction into the lives of the two of us!

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Hey all!! I am so excited about this new blog with my teacher BFF. 
A little about me:
From: I was born in Wales, and moved to Texas when I was five.
College: LSU (geaux tigers!) I loved it so much I went back :) I earned my Masters of Education in May!
Taught at: I have been teaching for five years (what?!) I have taught second, first, and now kindergarten. I joke I will keep moving down until I am delivering babies.
New about me: I just moved from Baton Rouge, where I taught with Morgan, back to Dallas. I love me some Texas. :)
Teaching philosophy: I believe that all children should be taught with hands on experiences, reading frequently, and be in a warm welcoming environment. I believe ALL children can be taught. :)
Favorite subject to teach: Reading, and now I am starting to love math.
What I want for this blog: I want this blog to be an outlet for teachers to come and learn about new practices and products. I also want it to be a lifestyle view of what it is to be a teacher. We plan on having fashion posts, so everyone can see that teachers don't just wear holiday sweaters and jean dresses. I also want everyone to see how we run our lives everyday and how we make it all work! :)

I am thrilled to start this new adventure in the blogging world with my teacher soulmate! 
 A little about me:
From: Louisiana
College: LSU (And if you have read my other blog then you know I love me some football season! Geaux Tigers!) 
Taught at: This is my golden year of teaching… Fifth year, what what! I student taught in fourth and was initially hired as a 4th/5th gifted teacher. However, over the summer before my first year my principal called and asked if I would consider taking a 1st grade position that needed to be filled. I accepted and Thank you Jesus I did. It was love at first sight and I have been in first since. 
New about me: The last year of my life has been a whirl wind. I got engaged last Thanksgiving. Fast forward to July and I am marrying my favorite person in the world! 
I moved to a new city and luckily a week before my wedding got a phone call from an amazing principal in the city I was moving to. I guess it was destiny because I am now in first grade AGAIN! Although I still feel like I have not relaxed since last Thanksgiving I could not be happier. One thing missing in my life? My teacher BFF teaching next door to me. Sad face. 
What I want for this blog: When I first talked to Ffion about having our joint blog, the first thing we agreed on was we wanted it to be different than other teaching blogs out there in the blogging world. Do you ever read other blogs and ask does this girl sleep? Well… the answer is usually no. JUST KIDDING! However, I want this blog to be a little insight into the daily lives of teachers. I want it to be an outlet for new ideas, cute teacher outfits, and even daily routines we do each day. Such as, which eye concealer best works for those mornings where its been a long week and grades are due :).  

Now that you know all about us, we are going to kick off this thing with a GIVEAWAY!
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Giveaway ends on Halloween!! 

We are so excited to be starting this blog together, and we hope you join in on the fun!